Our smart developers
make your ideas
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Combining leading-edge technologies with architectural know-how, our software developers can deliver your high-performance, high-capactiy processing systems today.

Performance. Capacity.
Concurrency. Security.

At APT these things aren't afterthoughts - they're primary considerations day one and throughout the software development lifecycle.

A complete range of software development services

Our developers can provide your existing teams with immediate expertise and bandwidth, or can form an autonomous group capable of seeing your project from the whiteboard to the cloud.

Delivering software solutions to the insurance
side of the healthcare industry for over 20 years

Core Competencies

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Microsoft SQL Server

Database design and stored procedure development are at the heart of how we build business applications that scale for the biggest names in the industry.


This web application framework which implements the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern is the foundation of our development efforts.

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Our chosen front-end web application framework for delivering rich, intuitive user interfaces for complex business applications.


An interpreted, object-oriented programming language we use to create dynamic and interactive effects within web browsers.

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To implement the advanced design patterns required by our robust software architectures, we turn to Microsoft's C#: an elegant and type-safe object-oriented language designed to work with the .NET platform.

About Us

APT combines tech-savvy with a passion for solving complex business problems. The challenges insurers face as they compete in an ever-changing market are significant - and for over twenty years APT has been there to provide solutions.

The demands placed on software architectures serving the insurance side of the healthcare industry are epic. It's not enough to just clear the bar on capacity and concurrency requirements - the underlying architecture needs to be agile and extensible enough to accomodate rapidly evolving requirements in the marketplace. APT's solutions have time and again proven successful in these areas, giving their clients a distinct competitive advantage.

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