Why Us



Staying atop the latest trends in software methodologies, architectures, design patterns, and contruction techniques is what we do.



Given an almost ridiculously complicated problem domain, turn to a company like APT that combines tech-savvy software development skills with subject matter expertise.



None of APT's developers are newbies - we've all cut our teeth at other companies and had our share of successes and failures. Pick a team that knows how to win the software game, and has proven it time and again over twenty years.



APT deals with PHI (Protected health information) day in and day out. Pick a partner you can trust - and has never had a violation in this very important area.

Our history

John & Fred started APT back in 1996 in response to a need for modern software engineering disciplines in a neglected industry segment: the insurance side of the healthcare industry.

In the software industry the difference between "projects" (get it done) and "products" (built to last) is enormous. APT has always brought a "product" mindset to the table for its clients - regardless of the anticipated longevity of the software solution. This has proven to be a winning formula for both APT and its clients - particularly in the healthcare insurer industry, where sophisticated requirements demand sophisticated software architectures.


Software Developers

We're always looking for top talent in Denver - if you think you fit the bill and our website feels like home, contact us.



APT pragmatically adpots the latest methodologies and technologies to keep its solutions best of class.


APT has been in the industry and seen it all over the years - tap into that experience to give your organization the edge.


APT knows it takes a team to win the game, and can seamlessly integrate with your organization to amplify your skills.